This is the official website of SNTL,

the statistical consulting part of Nick Longford's professional activities.

Established: January 2001. Web presence: June 2004.

Email: sntlnick @ SNTL . co . uk

From 7th September 2015, I am at

Imperial College, Division of Medicine
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Campus
369 Fulham Road, 4th floor
London SW10 9NH, UK


Statistical Studies of Income, Poverty and Inequality in Europe: Computing and Graphics in R using EU-SILC
(Chapman and Hall/CRC, New York, 2014).

Supporting materials (R code)

Statistical Decision Theory
(Springer-Verlag, New York, 2013).

Supporting materials (R code)

Supporting materials for Studying Human Populations.An Advanced Course in Statistics
(Springer-Verlag, New York, 2008).

SNTL business - areas of expertise:

  • causal inference in observational studies (the potential outcomes framework)

  • decision theory

  • small-area estimation

  • incomplete (missing) data

  • longitudinal analysis

  • statistical modelling (including addressing model uncertainty)

  • statistical computing and graphics in R

  • analysis of very large datasets (including surveys) and data mining

  • analysis of small datasets for which maximum likelihood is inefficient;
    - using prior information and incorporating the consequences of errors

  • design of surveys and other studies

  • clinical trials (beyond hypothesis testing)

  • educational testing and assessment

  • being an expert witness (civil and criminal law)

  • professional training

    Applications in:

  • clinical medicine, epidemiology & biostatistics

  • technical (statistical and data-based related) audit

  • local and central government statistics

  • statistics in civil and criminal law

  • pharmaceutical research and development

  • economics

  • educational testing and assessment

  • marketing

  • high-quality manufacturing and production

  • Business perspective

    Statistics is the business and science of making intelligent decisions
    in the presence of uncertainty and constrained by limited resources

    A photo and motto

    Recent publications

  • Efficacy and safety of prostate artery embolization for benign prostatic hyperplasia: an observational study
    and propensity-matched comparison with transurethral resectionof the prostate (the UK-ROPE study),
    with A.F. Ray et al. British Journal of Urology (BJU) International 122, 270-282, 2018.

  • Urinary protein markers of renal dysfunction in full-term newbornswith disorders of early neonatal period
    (with J. Hodovanets).Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine 7 e070109, 2018.

  • Searching for causes of necrotising enterocolitis. An application of propensity matching.
    Statistics in Transition 19, 71-101, 2018.


    Comparing the rates of broncho-pulmonary dysplasia on the basis of like with like.
    Paper presented at the Annual NNAP Collaborators Meeting, London, UK; April 2018

    Performance assessment as an application of causal analysis.
    Poster presented at the EuroCIM Meeting, Florence, Italy; April 2018

    Estimation with model uncertainty.
    Paper presented at the MSRAI Workshop, Vienna, Austria; July 2018.

    Current projects

    Decision theory and utilities for some (all?) statistical problems
    Study design for making decisions

    Hypothesis testing as a bad thing

    The potential outcomes framework for problems with or without causal agenda
    Regression as a second-rate alternative to propensity matching

    Therapeutic hypothermia in neonatal care

    Statistical methods for the care for the newborn.
    The relative merits of clinical trials and observational studies in neonatal medicine

    The full potential of the National Neonatal Research Database

    Recent whereabouts

    April 2018 - Workshop on Causal Inference, University of Florence, Italy

    July 2018 - Workshop on Model Selection, Regularization and Inference, Vienna, Austria

    November 2018 - 2nd Colombian Congress on Statistics, Cali, Colombia

    September 2019 - STIS (The Indonesian Statistical Office), Jakarta, Indonesia
    (also Surabaya, Malang and Yogyakarta)

    October 2019 - ESPOCH, Riobamba, Ecuador
    (IV congreso de Analisis Estadistico Implicativo)

    Further back in time (and details)

    July 2019