Nicholas T. Longford

  • Statistics on poverty in the European countries.
    Invited paper presented at the 2nd Conference of the Colombian Statistical Society, Cali, Colombia.
    November 2018

  • Comparing the rates of broncho-pulmonary dysplasia on the basis of like with like.
    Paper presented at the Annual NNAP Collaborators Meeting, London, UK.
    April 2018

  • Performance assessment as an application of causal analysis.
    Poster presented at the EuroCIM Meeting, Florence, Italy.
    April 2018

  • Invited paper at the 7th National Conference on Fundamental Sciences,
    Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, Cunduacan, Tabasco, Mexico.
    October 2017

  • Statistical methods and applications in neonatal care.
    Invited paper at the 7th National Conference on Fundamental Sciences,
    Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, Cunduacan, Tabasco, Mexico.
    November 2018

  • A decision-theoretical perspective on the problem of multiple testing.
    Contributed paper at the Adaptive Designs and Multiple Testing Procedures Workshop, Cambridge, UK.
    June 2017

  • Estimation under model uncertainty.
    Invited paper at the 8th Conference on Survey Sampling in Economic and Social Research, Katowice, Poland.
    June 2017

  • Statistical science in neonatal care. Keynote paper at the 7th Forum on Applied Statistics, Xalapa, Mexico.
    May 2017

  • Monitoring the growth of infants with low birthweight. Autumn Meeting of the Neonatal Society, London, UK.
    November 2015

  • Missing data and small-area estimation.
    FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Public Meeting on Missing Data.
    Silver Spring, MD, USA; November 2015

  • Statistical skills. Discussion at a roundtable at the 5th Forum of Applied Statistics, Xalapa, Mexico.
    May 2015

  • Decision theory for everyday statistics.
    Paper presented at the Meeting to Celebrate 35 years of the Statistics Programme
    at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.
    November 2014

  • Policy-related small-area estimation.
    Paper presented at the 1st South European Survey Methodology Conference, Barcelona, Spain.
    December 2013

  • Decision theory for some elementary statistical problems.
    Paper presented at the 28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Palermo, Italy.
    July 2013

  • Epidemiology and biostatistics. Papers presented at the Jornada de Estadistica Aplicada,
    Escuela Superior Politecnica de Chimborazo, Riobamba, Ecuador.
    June 2013

  • Annual income progression described by multivariate log-normal distributions.
    (with J. Bartosova)
    Paper presented at the 2nd IMPALLA Conference, Esch-Belval, Luxembourg, April 2013

  • Decision theory as an alternative to testing many hypotheses.
    Paper presented at the DAGStat Conference, Freiburg, Germany.
    March 2013

  • Poverty and income inequality in the EU countries (with J. Bartosova).
    Paper presented at the R Jornada Conference, CREAL Barcelona, Spain.
    November 2012

  • An application of the potential outcomes framework to the treatment of rheumatism athritis.
    Workshop on Theory and Practice of Policy Evaluation, Luxembourg City.
    May 2012

  • Statistics without hypothesis testing.
    Workshop on Controversy about Hypothesis Testing, UNED, Madrid.
    December 2011

  • Policy-related small-area estimation.
    7th Conference on Survey Sampling in Economic and Social Research, Katowice, Poland.
    September 2011

  • Analysis of a study of rheumatism arthritis by the potential outcomes framework.
    13th Spanish Biometry Conference and 3rd Ibero-American Biometry Meeting, Barcelona, Spain.
    September 2011

  • Clusters defined by distinct correlation structures.
    International Classification Conference, University of St. Andrews, Scotland.
    July 2011

  • 'Which model ...?' is the wrong question.
    Workshop 'All models are wrong ...', University of Groningen, the Netherlands.
    March 2011

  • Mixture models for multiple time series.
    3rd International Conference of the ERCIM Working Group on Computing and Statistics, London, UK.
    December 2010.

  • Mixture models with a black-hole component.
    5th International Conference on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics, Oviedo, Spain.
    September 2010.

  • Mixture models with a black-hole component.
    RSS Meeting to celebrate Murray Aitkin's 70th birthday. London, UK.
    April 2010

  • A revised school effectiveness analysis.
    Statistical modelling and inference. Conference to celebrate Murray Aitkin's 70th birthday. Brisbane, Australia.
    February 2010

  • Multiple imputation tailored for a specific database.
    2009 Conference of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS),
    Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Large Datasets, Pescara, Italy; September 2009

  • A new house price index based on the potential outcomes framework.
    The 6th Conference on Survey Sampling in Economics and Social Sciences, Katowice, Poland; September 2009

  • Studying Human Populations.
    The 2nd Ibero-American Meeting of the Biometric Society, Veracruz, Mexico; July 2009

  • Small-area estimation with spatial similarity
    Conference on Survey Sampling in Social and Economic Research, Katowice, Poland; September 2008.

  • On standard errors of model-based small-area estimators.
    ISI2007 Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, August 2007.

  • Studying human populations. A new curriculum for social statistics.
    ESRA Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2007.

  • Designing surveys for small-area estimation.
    Conference on Survey Sampling in Social and Economic Research, Katowice, Poland, September 2006.

  • Is 'Which model...?' the right question?
    COMPSTAT 2006 Conference, Rome, Italy, August 2006.
    See A. Rizzi and M. Vichi (Eds.), COMPSTAT 2006. Proceedings in Computational Statistics.
    Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2006, pp. 337-349.

  • On standard errors in small-area estimation.
    SAE'2005 Conference, Jyvaskyla, Finland, August 2005.

  • Stability of household income in European countries in the 1990's (with M.G. Pittau) and On standard errors in small-area estimation.
    AESR Conference, Barcelona, Spain, July 2005.

  • Multilevel models. Beyond the software.
    70th Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Tilburg, the Netherlands, July 2005.

  • The role and scope of multiple imputation.
    Workshop on Multiple Imputation. MRC Cambridge, April 2005.

  • How to assess, and why not to ...
    Meeting on Performance Assessment and League Tables. Irish Statistical Association. Trinity College, Dublin, March 2005.

  • Sample size calculation for small-area estimation.
    9th GSS Methodology Conference, London, UK, June 2004.

  • Analysis of a long-term study of neurotic disorder, with insights into the process of nonresponse.
    RSS Conference on Statistical methods for attrition and non-response in social surveys, London, May 2004.

  • Procedures and principles in government statistics
    Invited paper at the 24th Conference on Applied Statistics, Galway, Ireland, May 2004.

  • Is `Which model?' the right question?
    Keynote paper at the New Zealand Statistical Association Conference, Palmerston North, New Zealand, July 2003.

  • Examples of multiple imputation.
    Invited paper at the XIX Methodological Symposium at Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Canada, November 2002.

  • Multivariate shrinkage estimation for small areas in the UK Labour Force Survey.
    The 7th GSS Methodology Conference, London, July 2002.

  • Examples of multiple imputation.
    Data Clean 2002 Conference, Jyvaskyla, Finland, May 2002.

  • Analysis of curves and shapes.
    Life Sciences 2001 Conference, Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia; September 2001.

  • Synthetic estimation: From small area statistics to model selection.
  • Selection bias and treatment heterogeneity in drug development.
    Invited papers at the ICRAMS 2000, Kharagpur, WB, India; December 2000. See Publications.

  • Multiple imputation in a programme of social science surveys. Simulation-based diagnostics in multilevel models.
    Social Science in the New Millenium (RC33), Cologne, Germany; September 2000.

  • Multivariate synthetic estimation.
    Conference of the Society for Multivariate Analysis in Behavioural Sciences, London; July 2000.

  • Applications of synthetic estimation in medical research.
    Statistics and Health Conference, Edmonton, Canada; June 2000.

  • Missing data and multiple imputation.
    Workshop on Classification and Mixture Modelling. Rothenberge (Munster University), November 1999.

  • Mean repair costs of dwellings in Scottish unitary authorities: An application of shrinkage (with C. Macintyre).
    Association of Survey Computing International Conference, Edinburgh, UK. September 1999. Proceedings article.

  • Handling missing data in diaries of alcohol consumption.
    RSS Conference, Warwick, UK, July 1999.

  • Treatment of missing information about attitutes to immigration.
    International Conference on Large Scale Data Analysis, Cologne, Germany, May 1999.

  • An experiment in primary health-care provision.
    RSS Conference on Applications of random effects/multilevel models to categorical data in social sciences and medicine. London, UK, October 1998.

  • Missing data in clinical trials.
    PSI Annual Conference, Harrogate, UK, September 1998.

  • Multivariate shrinkage estimation of small-area means and proportions.
    RSS Conference, Glasgow, September 1998.

  • Shrinkage estimation of local-area rates of economic activity.
    Conference on New Methods for Survey Research, Southampton, UK, August 1998.

    May 2018